Interview Techniques

When it comes to an interview, you can never be too prepared, no matter whether you’re just starting your career, or are a well-practiced interviewee.

Here are our top tips on how to prepare for that all important interview:

  1. Common questions: consider the questions that you are most likely to be asked before you even get to the interview. This way you are ready and won’t get stuck for something to say.

  2. Research: knowing a thing or two about your potential employer and what they do is important. Spending some time reading the company’s website is always a good place to start.

  3. Consider appearances: always look smart and presentable to ensure you create a professional first impression.

  4. Focus: on the day of the interview, allow plenty of time to get there without rushing or being stressed by delays. Remember to look your interviewer directly in the eye and give them a firm handshake as well as focusing on what they are saying, as this shows signs of confidence.

  5. Ask something: never say you have nothing to ask at the interview. It makes you seem disinterested so always have a few questions to ask your interviewer.

  6. Make notes: even if you are taking everything in, making a note creates the impression that you are paying full attention. This is one of the best interview techniques for people who want to come across as conscientious.

  7. End positively: when the end of the interview is approaching, try to conclude on a positive note. This could be as simple as saying something like “I look forward to hearing from you.”